Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Fair Time!

The kids and I played hooky from school and work on Wednesday and went to the North Carolina State Fair. Perhaps the best parenting decision I've made this week. We needed the time together, just to relax and have fun. We need that deliciously exhilarating environment, a place that sparkles and glitters in their young eyes and a place where I say yes nearly all the time.

I suspend the rules at the fair, and the kids and I both love it. The fair is a place where they don't have to eat their vegetables. (Although Walker's first two choices were an ear of roasted corn and fried okra. Paired with her corn dog, it was a near-balanced fair meal). It's a place where we play games for the fun of it and expect to loose. They challenge themselves and take risks knowing that I'm watching and proud of them for trying, and that my arms are never far away. And best of all, it's a place where I can act like a kid - riding rides with them, having dessert before dinner and getting giddy pleasure from all those lights.

WG was amazing to her little brother. It was the first time I really saw her blossom into the big sister role. At 36 inches tall he was able to ride all the kiddie rides (more on that later) and she held his hand as they waited in line, lifted him (awkwardly, adorably) onto the rides, helped him strap in, and was kind and soothing the entire time. I heard her say, "This isn't scary. It's fun. Sister is with you." I was so proud, I thought I might explode.

B was equally amazing. He is the bravest two year old I know. He got on ride after ride with Big Sis. He even rode the kiddie roller coaster in the front car with a three year old buddy he met in the line. After even the scariest ride, he'd say, "Mommy, I did it!" He especially loved riding the ponies.

We came home, absolutely exhausted but also recharged. We just enjoyed one another so much that afternoon were emerged filled up with energy for one another. It was such a joy and blessing to take them to the fair - to see it all through their awe-struck eyes. Once daddy is home from China, we may have to go again!