Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting Ready!

There's so much to get ready for right now. There's Christmas, the kid's winter vacation, and wonderful visits from my family. All of which I am so looking forward to. And then there's the things that I'm SO happy about but are full of uncertainty. Here's what's keeping me up...

1. Baby #3
At 25 weeks preggo, the baby is really moving a ton - much more than the previous two. This one is a flutter kicker. When he/she moves - it's all limbs at one time. And it's enough to wake me. Not knowing whether this is a boy or a girl, I have a bit of anxiety about not being prepared. I'm not sure which clothes to wash, how to decorate the nursery (more on that in a minute) or what to plan for.

2. Moving
Yep, you heard me right. We're moving. I LOVE the new house, but moving when I'm this pregnant is making me a little nervous. Plus, we're planning to buy new furniture and perhaps work with a designer for the first time. All very exciting, but very new too!

3. Our Au Pair is coming!
We're all so excited to welcome our new au pair in just four short weeks. But I'm so unsure of how to be a good au pair mom. I am reading lots of blogs (check out http://aupairmom.com/ for a great one). I can't wait for her to get here - the kids are so excited and I am too!