Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's a Rubber Ducky Birthday!

My baby has just turned one and this weekend we celebrated with about 50 friends and family members (30 kids!) in our backyard. I love big first birthday parties. I think it's because the first year is so tough for me, I really love to celebrate it. Plus, I love that adorable baby stuff. WG, my first, had a butterfly theme. Mr. B, my second, had a Bee theme. And Cagey had a ducky theme. I just loved it. There were rubber ducks everywhere. We had a quacking contest, a pinata, balls for the babies to play in (and the big boys to toss), blank (white) rubber ducks to decorate, a soap toss contest, and a whole lot of fun. Many, many thanks to Pam Gustafson at Balloonmasters, who did an awesome job on the balloons. And can you believe it?!?!? I made the cake and cupcakes! I molded the little ducky chocolates (all but the one on top) and did the whole thing! I also made the quilt, all the little food signs, the feather topped favor bags, the quilt for the babies. It was a busy few weeks, but I was so, so happy with how everything turned out. If you love it and want it, check ebay! I'm selling all my extra supplies in one huge lot (there are four boxes of ducky things left. You could definitely do a small ducky party with all the stuff in there!)