Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 21 of the 365 Project

So, at the very last minute, a friend and I decided to go on a quick trip to Chicago. We stayed in another friend's house and I fell in love with a tree in her back yard. Love, love, love it. Of course, it was actually as cold as hell frozen over when I went outside to take this photo, but it was worth it.

Day 20 of the 365 Project

My friend, Nickie, just handed down a super cool fire truck bed to baby C. It's been in the friend circle for a while (thanks Christina!!!!) and my baby is the lucky new recipient. But I have to say, his sibs are jealous. Even WG said, "Mom, I would like a bed like this." Really? A seven year old girl wants a fire truck bed. Well, it is cool. If only I could squish Mel in there....

Day 19 of the 365 Project

So, when you're a third baby, you learn that you need to occupy yourself. Sad, but true. As much as I love and love cuddling Baby C, he entertains himself while I check homework, pack lunches, read get the idea.

And usually, when Baby C is entertaining himself their are wheels involved. In fact, he reminds me of my best friend's oldest - they both were crazy for ANYTHING with wheels. He loves to spin them, push them along an edge, and especially push them down a ramp. That makes this Matchbox toy his favorite Christmas gift.

I took the opportunity with my backdrop still up to pop him there (too small clothes and all) with his little Matchbox garage. So fun!

Day 18 of the 365 Project

So, Day 18 was my in-studio Valentine's event. As we set up, we encouraged - okay, paid a dollar - to get Mr. B to stand in as our model as we tested our lighting. It was super fun! I love these shots of him with our "LOVE" prop.

Day 17 of the 365 Project

I spent the day 17 of the 365 project photographing the United Way's day of service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday. It was held at my church, Christ Church in Southern Village, and there were TONS of people who turned out to volunteer. Young and old, black and white, and everything in between. It was inspiring. Here are some of my favorite photos of the day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 16: Boys on Swings

C's first time on a big-boy swing. He loved it, but looked nervous the whole time.

And my favorite shot of B in a while. He's as michevious as he is yummy!

Day 15 of the 365 Project: Breakfast Chez Williams

One of the great things about this project so far is the experimentation. On day 15, I picked up my camera during an ordinary breakfast of french toast and berries. And I decided to leave my flash off! Wacky, I know. The light was seriously low and I had to shoot on 4000 ISO, which gave me lots of grain. But I kind of love it. Somehow, it fits the mood of breakfast in your PJs.

Day 14 of the 365 Day Project: The Playdate

So, on day 14, we brought WG's best buddy home with us. They've known one another for a very, very long time (since before their first birthdays) and they call each other "forever friends." It's pretty sweet how they've managed to stay close despite being in different classes, neighborhoods and having different friends. I love this guy too - and he gave me about 3000 different looks to try to keep me from taking his picture. Like that was going to work.

I was a little worried about how the playdate would go, because WG has a neighborhood best friend too. She's just down the street from us and the two play together every afternoon. But they had no problem playing with S, and they even pretended to lay a smooch on him. Super funny!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 13 of the 365 Project

So, after the national championship game, I took a few days off from everything. Getting back was a nightmare - delayed planes, snow, ice, de-icing, fuel issues - you name it. And on day 12, I rested. That means, my 365 project will be short a few days. I've decided that when I miss a day, I'll do penance - by editing something previously untouched from last year.

But when I picked the camera up again on the 13th day, it felt good. There's something about shooting that frees me from thinking. I shoot very instinctively and it always, always feels good.

So, I hung out with B and Baby C in the playroom much of the day. It was great great fun.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 9 & 10 of the 365 Project - The National Championship Game

My brothers, their friend Marcus, and my dad joined me in Phoenix late on Saturday night. They wanted to hit the grand canyon on Sunday, but I talked them out of it (plus, they Mapquested and realized it is eight hours round trip) and instead we hit the Budlight Tailgate in the Southport area. It was a beautiful day and we arrived in with enough time; the party filled up quickly and people started gathering on the adjacent parking deck to see the stage! We gnoshed on PF Changs, drank margaritas, listened to the band, and got to hear Mr. Penny speak! It was great fun!

On game day, Mel and I headed down to the stadium area pretty early - about 10. Even that early, people were beginning to settle in to tables in the choice locations. We settled for a couple of couches at The Yard House. It was the perfect place to hang out with old friends and new while we waited for kickoff.

It was a great, great game. If you missed it, you have to YouTube Michael Dyer's amazing run. His knee doesn't touch the ground, the play isn't whistled dead but no one on the field realizes it for a moment. My absolute favorite!!! A heads up play on Dyer's part!

All I can say is War Eagle!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 7 & 8 of the 365 Project - Phoenix Bound

For those of you that don't know me well, I grew up in Auburn, Alabama. In many ways, it's a lot like Chapel Hill. Small southern town dominated by a large university. The big difference - football! So when Auburn made the national championship my husband, sports fan that he is, gave the go ahead for us to go. It was a blast. And one of the best parts is that I went out two days early. I spent the first day flying out, having a light dinner with other fans in our hotel's club room, then watching Sex in the City 2 on in-room entertainment. For a mom of three, getting to just relax and stay in was such a blessing. I spent the evening watching the sunset. There's just something about the sky out there that captures my imagination. It's so expansive and full of possibilities.

The next morning, I headed across town to the new JW Marriot Spa at Desert Ridge. What a beautiful spa!!! After a three mile run and some stretching I had the most fabulous hot stone massage. Maybe the best massage of my life. Next, it was off for an orange (WAR EAGLE!) mani-pedi. Finally, lunch by the pool in my spa robe (miso marinated black cod - yum!), some reading next to the fire and then off to the Jacuzzi. Which is where I met these girls.

They were celebrating a birthday and were hitting the spa and the town! They were so funny and so clearly enjoying one another. Made me miss my friends a bit! But I enjoyed capturing their antics. Ladies, if you're even in Chapel Hill, look me up. I know you'd be fun to go out with. Sorry I missed you that night.

I really loved Phoenix. It's definitely a place I can see coming back to. It would be a terrific place to do portraits. All that sky as a backdrop...makes a photographer's heart flutter.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 of the 365 Project - My Helpful Loving Girl

So, I have to admit there's a downside to being the child of a portrait photographer. You're a built in subject. Yesterday, the WG went shopping for props with me. Today, she skipped swim team (okay, she wasn't bummed about that) to model for me. I needed to put together some promo images for a Valentines shoot I'm doing with Danielle Anthony, and she was willing. Oh yeah, and I paid her $10. But it was worth it. Got some great shots for my 365 project and for my Valentine's marketing. Oh how I love multi tasking. Tomorrow, it's off to Arizona with my brother and dad to watch Auburn play in the national championship game. So my kids will get a break, and I'll turn my lens on the tigers, their fans, and my extended family. Warrrrrr Eaggglleeeee!!!!! Here are the shots that we didn't use....

Day 5 of the 365 Day Project - The Chase

So, while I'm cooking dinner yesterday, the kids, Vitoria (now known as grand au pair) and Gabi all played a pretty rockin' game of chase. And as chase usually does, it ended in a game of tickle monster. As usual, Vitoria lost.

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Day 4 of the 365 Project. A Speedy Recovery

It's amazing. Just like that, the virus is gone. B woke up screaming for food. "Mommmmm!!!! Get me filled." "What?" "I'm hungry! Get my belly filled."

By the end of the day, he was full strength. And my house re-organization was gaining momentum. At this point, I'm finished with the kids rooms, the playroom (although that needs to be organized about once a week) and I've moved on to the kitchen and downstairs. Here's Mr. B showing off his new and improved digs!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 Project - Day 3. The Sickies

Everything was going just fine. Baby C was sleeping. B was watching TV and I was tidying up around the house and catching up on emails. B didn't want his picture taken, but all else was quiet.

Then, just about the time I was supposed to pick WG up from chess, B looked at me and said, "Momma, I'm going to throw up." And boy was he right. It was epic. I'll spare you the photo.

When there was a break in the - ahem - production, I woke the sleeping baby and put B (and his bucket) into the car and we raced off to school to pick up WG.

B headed to my bed to watch TV and WG had an after school snack, did her homework (because I'm evil) and then had to tidy the playroom before she could go outside (also because I'm evil).

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I have such LOVELY photos of day 3 of the 365 project. Will I fare better on day 4? You'll have to tune in to find out.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Paine Family - Chapel Hill Child and Family Portrait Photography

So, now that the Christmas rush is over I can finally blog some of my favorite sessions from last year. I thought I'd start with a session that was ALL boy. I had so much fun with these two guys. At first, they didn't know what to do with me, but once we hit the park and the trails, they really started to ham it up and show me who they are. It was a great day. And I love their Christmas card. One of my favorites this year!

They were my first client to use the new die cut Luxe cards I offered this Christmas. They were such fun! I just love the shape!