Saturday, February 19, 2011

365 Project - Tub Time

I'm on my own for bath time fairly often these days. And I have to admit that I take a collective approach to things like bathing. Line them up, soap them down, rinse them off. Repeat as necessary. But no matter how business like I'm being, they make sure to have some fun in there. Baby C is playing cars along the tub edge. B is being, well, B. And the WG is my helpful sweetness, as ever. Even when I'm exhausted, frustrated and behind schedule I try to take a minute to just watch and enjoy them. Funny little things that they are.

Day 38 of the 365 Project

Okay, so I'm skipping around a bit. But I can't help posting these pics. This is the 365 project at it's best. I would NEVER have been lugging my big camera and long lens through my daughter's school without this project. I have to admit the MacDaddy 70-200 2.8 gets lots of attention so I tend to use my wide lens for my personal stuff. But boy was I glad I had it this day.

The WG loves her "all girls chess club." They have an absolutely amazing teacher and he has them on fire for chess. She's playing online chess at home and I'm surprised by how well she knows the rules. Her teacher tells me that she's ready for her first tournament.

Since I had my long lens, I was able to capture just how animated she is when she is playing, without being in her space or distracting her. What fun to see all those expressions on her face! I just love it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

365 Day Project - Catching Up

The good news is that I've been busy. The bad news is that I've been too busy to blog. In fact, today saw me waking at 4am to retouch the last of the images from my Valentines shoots, lay out and order four mini books, place 4 client print orders, and two committee meetings for a Kidzu Children's Museum fundraiser. I am tired. But, because I promised myself I had to catch up, here goes. The past few days of the 365 project. I realize I'm still missing some January posts, but I've shot every day sans one, so I'll get back to those shortly.

Here are some favs from the past few days.

Day 30, What happens when I ask my kids to "jump" into the car.

Day 31, The WG clowning around with her best neighborhood buddy.

Day 32, What happens when we make pudding and Baby C decides to feed himself.

Day 33 & 34 were my Very Sexy Photo Event. A post on that is coming soon! As you can imagine, there are model releases required. Wink! Wink!

Day 35, My kiddos school presentation, featuring Mr. Murray on Xylaphone, WG doing animated arms, and Mrs. Pause doing what she does best. What an adorable show!

Day 36, After a night at Gigis, we take the kids down town for lunch and Krispe Kreme. The WG wanted Ben and Jerry's so that left the boys for doughnuts. And the light was on. Yummy!

Day 37, The Chase

This is my favorite series of the 563 shoot thus far. That's because this is what my kids always do. They run around the house in their jammies. When it's good, they are laughing and playing. When it's bad, they're really chasing one another. But, this morning, it was all fun, games and laughter. And my camera was right by my side!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vitoria's Pin-Up Shoot

So, it's time to say farewell to my very first au-pair, Vitoria Prochet. She came for a holiday visit that lasted a month (yea!!!!) and we've been having a blast. Luckily, her visit coincided with my Very Sexy Portrait Event at the Franklin Hotel. She told me she'd always wanted to do a retro-style pin-up shoot. And so, she came as we were setting up and I did a quick shoot with her. It was a blast. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day!!!!