Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 38 of the 365 Project

Okay, so I'm skipping around a bit. But I can't help posting these pics. This is the 365 project at it's best. I would NEVER have been lugging my big camera and long lens through my daughter's school without this project. I have to admit the MacDaddy 70-200 2.8 gets lots of attention so I tend to use my wide lens for my personal stuff. But boy was I glad I had it this day.

The WG loves her "all girls chess club." They have an absolutely amazing teacher and he has them on fire for chess. She's playing online chess at home and I'm surprised by how well she knows the rules. Her teacher tells me that she's ready for her first tournament.

Since I had my long lens, I was able to capture just how animated she is when she is playing, without being in her space or distracting her. What fun to see all those expressions on her face! I just love it!

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