Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 9 & 10 of the 365 Project - The National Championship Game

My brothers, their friend Marcus, and my dad joined me in Phoenix late on Saturday night. They wanted to hit the grand canyon on Sunday, but I talked them out of it (plus, they Mapquested and realized it is eight hours round trip) and instead we hit the Budlight Tailgate in the Southport area. It was a beautiful day and we arrived in with enough time; the party filled up quickly and people started gathering on the adjacent parking deck to see the stage! We gnoshed on PF Changs, drank margaritas, listened to the band, and got to hear Mr. Penny speak! It was great fun!

On game day, Mel and I headed down to the stadium area pretty early - about 10. Even that early, people were beginning to settle in to tables in the choice locations. We settled for a couple of couches at The Yard House. It was the perfect place to hang out with old friends and new while we waited for kickoff.

It was a great, great game. If you missed it, you have to YouTube Michael Dyer's amazing run. His knee doesn't touch the ground, the play isn't whistled dead but no one on the field realizes it for a moment. My absolute favorite!!! A heads up play on Dyer's part!

All I can say is War Eagle!

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