Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hello World!

Hello, all! So, this is what blogging feels like? Hmmm...I'm not sure I feel any different. I thought my family, my friends and readers of our magazines - Charlotte Baby & Child and Premier Baby & Child might enjoy keeping up with my babyfied world. If not, then I can print these, save them for my kiddos, and they'll know what mom was thinking when they were tiny tots and I was the most interesting person in their world.

Which brings me to a thought that I've had recently. My daughter, WG, is four now. Four is an age that brings parents to questions of discipline that they've been previously able to avoid. My best friend (and parenting hero) Allison said something the other day that got me thinking. She said that every time she has to discipline her son, she tries to imagine her words coming from the most important person in her life. That really made me stop and think. Every time I say something to WG, I am saying it as this all-important being -- a mother figure that meets her every need and controls her universe. Wow. That means every time I make a comment about someone's behavior, the foods we should eat, or even the weather it's getting filed away in her tiny mind as incredibly important information.

Although I felt very connected to the importance of my role as a mother before I had children, I find it's very easy to loose that sense now. Buried in mountains of laundry and wrist deep in diaper cream, I find myself a bit numb from the blocking and tackling. But Allison's words were a wonderful reminder to stop and look at myself, my words and my behavior through my child's eyes. To her, I'm beautiful, funny, powerful and smart. At least until she's five.

(Me, reading to the WG before her fourth birthday party)


Danielle Anthony said...

that is a really cute picture!

Net said...

Hi Corey, great picture, you look like you should be at the Kentucky Derby with that hat!