Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blueberries & Cherries

Yesterday, WG and I baked a blueberry pie. She's been begging to make one for weeks and I've had all the ingredients - but yesterday during Baby B's nap we made it a priority and headed for the kitchen. The combination of being four and her last year in Montessori school has transformed her into Miss I-Can-Do-It. She headed for the pantry and cabinets and wanted to bring everything back to the counter. She wanted to measure, pour and stir. And with every step came her now constant refrain, "Why?" "Why do we paint the crust with egg?" "Why does egg make it brown?" "Why are there holes in the top of the crust?" "Why don't pies have icing?" Every situation is a chance for her to learn and I try to embrace it - although after the 187th "Why" of the day sometimes I'm the one that needs a time out.

Meanwhile, Baby B awoke and we needed something to occupy him while we finished our lattice weave crust. So, I used a fresh fruit feeder and let him taste his first cherries. Whoever invented these feeder things is a genius! I absolutely love them. Munchkin makes them and you can get them at Target for about $5.00 (2 in a pack). You coarsely chop fresh fruit, snap it inside the mesh and then baby can suck on it, chew on it and otherwise amuse himself with fresh fruit flavor. Baby B just LOVES it. And he loves Bing cherries. He was a big rockin' mess afterwards, but it was worth it to watch him enjoy those cherries.

Sadly, the blueberry pie was a disappointment to the WG. While dad and I loved it, she didn't like the way it tasted. Probably too tart for her palate. Plus, there was no icing.

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Alfred said...

When I come to visit for the 4th of July, I want Scotcheroos!!!!