Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grab your earplugs everyone, we’ve got a screamer.

I know very clearly when it happened. It was Tuesday morning on the way to school. That’s when Mr. B discovered his voice. He’d made lots of sounds and possibly even said some words before. He’s been known to repeat "Ma! Ma! Ma!" while crying when he doesn’t want to nap. But this was something different. This was screaming.

In the back seat, the WG and Sammy Wammy asked me to turn the movie up so they could hear it… their headphones.

It’s a loud, screechy sort of sound. It’s not exactly a happy sound, but he’s not mad either. He’s clearly trying desperately to communicate. Often, he’s pointing at something, reaching for something or trying to do something. There’s just one thing that’s the same every time – it’s loud.

It’s everyone-in-the-restaurant-turn-around-why-doesn’t-she-do-something-about-that-screaming-baby loud.

I’ve never had a child like this, so I confess, that I have no idea what to do. I speed dialed friend # 1 – just wait it out was her advice. Friend #2 just laughed and said that Baby B is "no WG." Friend #3 said, "Do you hear that screaming in the background? Then why would you think I’ve found a solution."

So here it is, an open call for advice. I’ve tried to ignore it – no dice, especially in public. My constitution is incapable of stomaching that kind of noise without a response. I’ve tried a firm "no," which has gotten me a big nowhere. And I don’t really want to discipline him, after all, he’s just trying to talk to me. What I would like him to do is communicate more quietly.

For now, we’re working on sign language. I’ll let you all know how it goes. In the meantime, I’m open to any words of wisdom. And suggestions for the best possible earplugs.

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