Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

blue snowcone, originally uploaded by Corey Bennett Williams.

The fourth of July is my favorite holdiay. It's the one holdiay where the mommies get to lounge around as much as everyone else. For us, that means a full day at the pool complete with pool games, a full bar, snow cones and saying yes to ice cream all day long. Then, we head home and change into matching outfits (cheesy, I know) and head back to the GC for golf cart decorating. This year, we had a Sponge Bob 4th of July theme. Then, it's off the club for dinner, a bouncy house, drinks, and amazing fireworks. I just love every minute of it. I photographed several friend's kids today. This is one of my buds little girl's. She sure did love that blue snowcone. I also love the goggles and those goregous wet pigtails!

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