Monday, January 4, 2010

Stuck in Bed - Time to Think About a Party!

So, I've come back from a rockin' New Year's in Chicago, only to catch the stomach bug that my kids are getting over. It's just been a day, but spending a day in bed makes me crazy. What to do? Plan Cage's first birthday party of course. Okay, okay, so it's still three months away but it takes me a while to get ready for a first birthday. They are my favorite! Absolutely no input from the little ones! It's all about cute stuff!
For Mr. C, I'm leaning toward a Rubber Duckie theme. I found some sweet inspiration online. An Aussie-based stationary design/mom Alannah Rose. So, I can't put him in a tutu, but I'm considering using her gorgeous invites, even though they are - gasp - fill in the blank! Check her out at

I was also inspired by this gorgeous "story board" pulled together by Nounces Designs. I think I'm leaning toward the blue since Mr. C is a boy, but I may have to pull in some bright orange for yummy contrast with the blue... We'll see! Stay tuned!

Chapel Hill photographer Corey Williams - baby/child photographer

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