Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Bowl! Corey Williams - Baby Child Photographer - Chapel Hill

Every now and then we do something so fun, that I want to do it again right away. And last weekend, we went bowling. WG has been asking to do it forever. Mel takes her through the parking lot of a bowling alley on their secret way to school. So, it's a regular request. What I didn't realize is how much we would all like it. We had a blast, and I learned a lot too!

Here's what I learned.
1. My mom hasn't been bowling in at least 15 years. She didn't know they had electronic scoring.
2. For WG, there's nothing better than beating your parents at something. If there's a big scoreboard...well...that's just a bonus.
3. Those little contraptions that look like walkers really help little kids bowl. Wow, the kids bowled in the 150s.
4. Apparently, there's no bowling in Brazil. Sorry, Feffie. And if there is, it's a lot like pool. And they use gutter guards like the sides of the table.

Here are some of the highlights

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