Friday, March 14, 2008

The 11th Hour

There are moments when being a magazine publisher is really glamorous. This is not one of those times. Danielle (Charlotte Baby and Child Art Director) and I are huddled together in my office/craft room/sewing room. We've been in here for what seems like days; adjusting the bleed on ads, placing last minute photos and churning out copy for holes as things fall into place. Our deadline was 3pm. It's now pushing 1:30am. I am actually hungry, because I ate dinner so very long ago. My makeup is off, hair is in a pony tail, and I'm two steps from throwing on my yoga pants. My bottom is tingly from sitting too long. Have I complained enough? I better send this issue off in a hurry before I fall out of love with it.

But here's what I'm looking forward to....

Our Contributors: For the first time, control-freak Corey has decided to loosen the reigns and let a few other writers contribute to the magazine. And the pieces are great. Tonya Harrington wrote a terrific piece about BPA and why parents should be paying attention to the debate about this chemical. Courtney McLauglin interviewed lots of faith leaders in Charlotte to learn how kids raised in faith-oriented environments see the world differently. And one of my favorites, my best friend Allison Murray (a first time writer!) contributed a hilarious musing about motherhood.

Our Pictorals: I decided to make this our biggest birthday party issue ever! Many of you know that I'm working on a book of children's parties, and I pulled one from the book to share with our readers - My Baby B's first birthday party. And there are three other parties! I can't wait to hear what readers have to say about them. (Oh, and the nurseries are to die for!!!!)

The Layout: Danielle has busted her hump making this issue our most beautiful yet. The design is super clean, terrifically consist ant (because someone I know is a stickler for that) and deliciously whimsical.

And of course, I snuck my kids into a few corners of the magazine. Mr. B filled in for a model that had pneumonia. And the WG posed for an ad for Persnickety, an adorable boutique in Gaffney, SC. (Here's a peek at a shot we didn't use that Danielle blogged without telling me. I'm watching you D!)

Danielle has just sent off the pdf to our copy editor. So, we're wrapping it up for the night. I guess I'll be in bed by two after all! That is, if we can quit talking about the things we love in this issue.

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