Monday, March 17, 2008

My Craig's List Find

Inspired by my friend (and Charlotte Baby & Child Art Director) Danielle Anthony, I started hunting for cool furniture pieces on Craig's List. A couple hundred posts and about four hours later, I found the most adorable headboard for Baby B's room.

Saturday morning we headed to a neighborhood in Durham to see the bed. It was a delightful adventure. It got us out of our usual neighborhood, we got to meet some new people and the kids had big fun romping around the dealers giant back yard. Plus, the bed is terrific. It's a delicious lemon yellow color with bamboo like accents in white. Yummy! The best part, it was $50 from a local flea market/antiques dealer.

For those of you who wonder what happened to my nautical vs. wilderness theme room for Baby B - I've had a total change of heart. After nearly a week of sleeping on the floor next to the crib when Baby B had RSV, I decided that I'll definitely need a bed in the nursery. That means that Baby B needs to stay in his current room (the safari room below) because it doesn't have room for both a bed and crib.

Mel thinks I'm nuts for needing to plan the new baby's room and plan for Baby B's room before we even get pregnant. But the entire idea of introducing a fifth little being into this household makes me feel pretty out of control. I know that this is just my attempt to impose some order on a situation that is, be definition, quite unknown. But it's my nature. I'm an over-planner.

So, before I'm really ready, there's some serious work to do around this house. I have to get my office/craft room organized, the storage room cleaned out, the nursery and nursery closet ready for baby. At my current rate of progress, I'll be forty by the time we get pregnant. I better get it in gear or give up some of the goals. I'll let you know how it goes, but if you're putting money on it, I'd bet on a serious revamp of my priorities about the time the weather gets warm and the pool opens.


Ginny said...

Oh, I love sifting through the furniture ads on Craigslist, but I've yet to be compelled enough to actually buy anything. Your find looks cool though.

Corey Williams said...

Thanks! I've had fun looking. It's even more fun than flea markets for me. You can do it late at night over a glass of wine!