Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Clothes are Not So Comfy

I am going to loose my mind! I've brought home scores and scores of new pants for the WG to try on and nothing is "comfy" enough. The people at the mall hate me. My retailer friends hate me. I keep buying things, bring them back. Buying things, bringing them back. I am exhausted and ready to let her go naked.

We have four problems.
1. She doesn't like any stiff fabrics. Jeans are out. Most khakis are out. Most everything is out.
2. She doesn't like hook and eye closures. They're too tricky when she's in a hurry to potty. Plus, they pinch her.
3. She doesn't like anything that's too tight in the inseam. But she also doesn't like it too loose. Must be just right for Goldilocks.
4. She doesn't like anything that isn't pink, sparkly, floral or frilly.

She won't wear tights, so until we're into full-on spring, we're stuck in pants. Oh, and ditto for leggings. She hates those too. And yes, I've tried Hannah Anderson's slouchy leggings. They're currently keeping the drawer warm.

So, I've bitten the bullet and called Sherri - the delightful manager at Charlotte's Oilily store - and asked to relieve her of every elastic waist pair of knit pants she has in WG's size. She has two pairs of Target sweats that pass muster. And three pairs of Oilily knit pants. That's it - that's what the kid will wear.

I'm open for suggestions. But please, make them good. You're reading the blog of a woman who has darkened the door of damn near every retain establishment in three cities. From Old Navy and Gap to Talbots and Gymboree. From specialty boutiques to web retailers - my only big hits have been Oilily's knit pants, Juicy Couture terry sweats, BCBG velour sweats (and only some of those) and Target's Circo brand sweats. I kid you not.

How am I going to get this girl into some real pants? Or, I dare say, a skirt? Have ideas? I'm listening. In the meantime, tell me it's a phase. And someone, uncork a bottle of Chardonnay.

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