Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back and Paying for It!

I'm back from Las Vegas and the kids are out of control.

My phenomenal friend Trinity took amazing care of them. When I returned, not only had they had outings (The WG tried that kiddie bungee bounce for the first time) and stayed on their schedule, my house was cleaner than when I'd left it. They loved their time with Miss Trinity, as they call her, and WG says she misses her already.

I doubt it's that they are high on sugar - Trinity is not inclined to indulging their sweet tooth. But they're acting like it. They're all screeches and squeals - jumping, giddy balls of noise.

Perhaps they are actually genuinely that excited about our return. Mel contends that's the case, and it's one of the reasons he looks forward to his homecomings. He feeds off their excitement.

But I find it a little jarring. Where are my kids? They've got to be somewhere inside that walking, talking, scream? I know it will take a little time for things to return to normal, but having left them so rarely (nearly never) I don't have a lot of experience with the return. I planned a lot for the going away, but not at all for the homecoming?

Perhaps a should have scheduled a full day lie-in, where we all hung out in jammies, watched movies, ate snack food and cuddled? But of course, I've returned to 175 emails, flats from the printer, and a mountain of work to do. And did I mention two kids that can say "momma!" 475 times per second?

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